Aniruddh Iyengar

Aniruddh - Iyengar

Co-Founder at MetroHacks

Greater Boston Area - Internet.


most people call me Ani. I'm a high school senior at AMSACS, a charter school in the greater Boston area. Starting from a young age, I've cultivated an interest in solving problems with technology.

'm a high school junior in Massachusetts with experience in biochemistry and computer programming. I've built everything from iPhone games to interactive bioinformatics web applications, but I really want to advance the possibilities of science, technology, and art using the power of computing.

I've worked at biotech startups and Ivy League universities, competed at national academic tournaments and run startups of my own. I hope to use my skills, experience, and hustle to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.



Director - MetroHacks.

Founder - Allbeat.

Co-Founder - A3Academy.

Founder and Lead Developer - Crypton Mobile, LLC.



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