Tirunelveli district Melappavoor named Sri P N Krishna Iyengar was my Jyotisha Guru.  As his youngest son he I had the privilege to learn and acquire, the Jyotisha Gnyanam that he had acquired from 7 generations of ancestors and 50 years of rich personal experience. To me he was the incarnation of  Sriman Narayana himself .

He studied in Padasala at Kaladaikurichi near Thriunelveli. He calculated Thiru Ghanitha Panchangam with the help of Sri.Kuppuswamy Satrigal. He was well known for Astrology and Ghanitha Sasthram. He believed in planetary position and dharma sasthram.

My father was regarded high in society and people always consulted him for final auspicious opinions and activities . His views were unbiased and unprejudiced. He taught me the art of Prashnam which I think have learned and improved in the years to attain the knowledge and strength that he possessed.

I - K Venkatesan am the fourth and youngest son of Melappavoor   Sri P N Krishna Iyengar. Continuing the tradition in my family, I have been practicing Jyotisha Shastram for six years. By the grace of my Father, the Paramacharya and Pavoor Sri Narasimhar,

I have achieved expertise in Jyotisham, Prashnam, Mantra Shastram and procedures for Japam and Pariharam. I developed Astrology and Almanac Softwares. We have been publishing Almanac for every year.

Venkatesan Krishnan Iyengar MS(IT&E).HDST,DST


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