Team Bio Vedas will make you go places using the Franchising model  of growth - Grow worldwide.

Team Bio Vedas help you to dream, create, design, execute, launch manage and monitor with least amount of your personal time.

Our  professional team will execute your dream.

Branded service is healthcare is relatively new to India.

Shift to Evidence based medicine and make India a Super Power in  healthcare just as in IT.


Services Offered :

• Brand & Marketing Plan • Business Plan • Due diligence • Equipment Plan Procurement & Installation • Franchise Agreement • Funding Coordination • HR Hiring Training Managing Sourcing • Ideation • Identification & selection of location

• IT plan • Layout & Design • Market Research • Mergers & Acquisitions • Process Automation • Project Cost and Feasibility report

• Project Execution within budget and timelines • Revenue Model & Profitability Statement and Projections • Standard Operating Procedure • Strategic Planning • Techno Commercial Feasibility Study.


Director Name
Ravikumar Parthasarathy - Iyengar
Ravi Kumar Subhapradha - Iyengar
Venkatachari Srivatsanvenkatachari - Iyengar
Sreyes Ravi - Iyengar
Shyamasundar Krishnamoorthy


Bio Vedas Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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Mylapore Chennai  600 004.

044 3918 4404


Flat No 3, 3rd Floor, 22 B

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Kolkata 700 025.




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