Brahmin Today, the Tamil-English bilingual monthly magazine of Brahmins is named so, for specific reasons only. Unlike at any time of the long and cherished history of Brahmins, the need and compulsion to review the various aspects of Brahmanism is felt much today.

Getting glimpses of not only the past subjects like Vedas, Upanishads, Sasthras, Sampradhayas, Sanskrit, Carnatic Music and life sketches of Saints and Sadhus, but also of present day issues

like Brahmins and Inter-caste marriages, women liberation, reservation, joint- family system, caste identification and Unity of Brahmins and sharing with others are the aims and goals of our magazine “Brahmintoday”.

Brahmintoday in the print form was started in March 2004 by its editor Shree S.S. Vasan with the Blessings of God, his late father Sankara Iyer and friends and relatives.

With the firm support from Chuvadi, the lay-out content providers of repute, this monthly magazine has published 100 issues without interruption as on June 2012 and continues to reach more and more readers all over India.

To reach more Brahmins and make it available for reading on Web, this net edition is started. We sincerely thank Shree AKR of for hosting and maintaining

the website for us and kilvelur B. Ramanathan of chuvadi for providing the contents in Unicode. We request the surfers to recommend more people to visit the site, donate liberally and send the feed back promptly.

Apart from the magazine we have plans to undertake projects to establish Brahmin women working Hostel and Brahmins Bojanalayas.


Profile of Iyer S.S. Vasan

Iyer S.S. Vasan, to say in his own words, is a simple man with great ideas. A businessman by profession, a lawyer by qualification, and a Brahmin by passion, Vasan is the Editor of the bilingual Monthly Magazine,

“Brahmin Today". This Magazine, which is his Ambition and Achievement, is being published with the purpose of creating a common identity among the Brahmins Living all over the World.

Vasan took his L.LB. Degree from Mumbai University but settled in Chennai for good. His interest includes but not limited to politics, Art, History, and all kinds of Music

more particularly Carnatic music. A prosodic Writer in Tamil and English, Vasan is also a fluent speaker of Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Marathi Languages. Vasan sincerely believes only his father who is no more is the Sprit and energy of his entire venture.



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