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Cabot Sanmar Limited

A joint venture between Cabot Corporation of the USA and The Sanmar Group, India, Cabot Sanmar Limited manufactures and markets Fumed Silica (Colloidal Silicon Dioxide/ Fumed Silicon Dioxide) under the brand name of CAB-O-SIL®. While the basic research in Fumed Silica was undertaken in 1988, the company put up a pilot plant in 1990.

Cabot Sanmar is the only manufacturer of Fumed Silica in India. Cabot Sanmar’s plant integrates the chlorosilane manufacturing technology of Sanmar and the Fumed Silica manufacturing technology of Cabot in a rare combination of upscaling and downscaling of capacities. It is located at Mettur, near Salem in Tamil Nadu.


Cabot Sanmar manufactures the entire range of untreated grades of Fumed Silica with the surface area ranging from 130 per gram to 380 per gram. It has a significant domestic market share. It also manufactures various treated grades of Fumed Silica.

CAB-O-SIL® Fumed Silicas are free-flowing powdered products available in untreated and treated grades. They are very versatile and used in a variety of applications,

ranging from spark plugs and printing inks to pharmaceuticals and cake mixes. CAB-O-SIL's versatility is related to its high degree of purity and amorphous structure, both of which lead to excellent performance.

Fumed Silica is primarily used to:

  • improve flow properties of powdered product
  • provide rheology control for liquids
  • control sag of liquids (thixotropy)
  • reduce caking of powders in storage
  • prevent waxy products from congealing
  • serve as a dry carrier for liquids and as emulsification agents
  • act as a grinding agent
  • allow encapsulation of flavouring oils
  • serve as a reinforcing filler in elastomers

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