F - Federation Of
B - Brahmins
A - Associations
S - Southern Region


  The Federation of Brahmin Associations of Southern Region (FEBAS)- Founded by S.Ve. Shekher, former Member of Legislative Assembly, it urged the State government to provide seven per cent reservation for Brahmins.

  In the name of forward caste they are being deprived of their right in getting employment and in other aspects. Sri.S.V.Sekhar Tamil Nadu M.L.A. is now fighting for getting Seven Percent Reservation for Brahmins like other caste people. 

         The Brahmin community people in Tamil Nadu have contributed more, by way of promoting Tamil language, Music, Dance, Drama, Science, Math’s and other subjects. They have done wonderful job in promoting Tamil language, culture and Tamil grammar and also sacrificed their life for Indian Independence.

He has launched an association by name” Federation of Brahmin Associations.”

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