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Chairman and Managing Director

 Kalyan Silks T.S. Pattabhiraman - iyer



As in any industry, the leader has the same story to tell. The story of humble beginning, of hard work, honesty and honours.

For Kalyan Silks, the humble beginning was way back in 1909. The hard work still continues. Honesty is the most valued work ethic. And honours come from discerning customers from across the globe.

The story of Kalyan Silks begins with T.S. Kalyanrama - iyer, a visionary who set up a small textile shop in Thrissur over a century ago. His mission: bring the finest in textiles at prices nobody else can match. Though the world has changed drastically since the inception of Kalyan Silks, the tradition continued generation after generation. And Kalyan Silks has grown from a small town shop to build an empire in silks.

Today, at the helm of this ever-expanding textile retail business is T.S.Pattabhiraman - iyer, who believes simple work philosophies build great ventures. Which he proved by setting up Twenty one landmark ventures at Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kottayam,Thiruvalla, Trivandrum, Thodupuzha, Attingal, Kunnamkulam, Bangalore,Erode and international showrooms in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi and Meena Bazaar .

Kalyan Silks owes its ever-growing popularity to its never changing motto: silks nobody else could give, at prices nobody else could even think of. To bring matchless collections at unmatched prices, Kalyan Silks has set up a string of looms across the country. Where thousands of master weavers bring magical creations in silks to life exclusively for Kalyan Silks. Exclusively for you.

Exclusive creations and exquisite ranges today distinguish Kalyan Silks from other saree showrooms. And discerning shoppers flock to Kalyan Silks not just from all corners of the country, but also from all corners of the world. No wonder, researches say 90% of Kalyan Silks’ customers are lifetime customers. And they shop only at Kalyan Silks, be it for a simple handkerchief or a six-meter masterpiece in silk.


Kalyan Silks, the world’s largest silk saree showroom network, has been the most trusted brand in Kerala for more than a century now. Today Kalyan Silks prides itself in world-class showrooms in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kottayam,Thiruvalla, Bangalore. Kalyan Silks’ first international showroom was opened in Dubai on December 16, 2011.

and second Showroom was opened in Sharjah on March 6, 2013. By end of 2012, this leader in textile retailing will further strengthen its presence by adding many more showrooms to its ever-growing network. The new showrooms will bring international ambience and amenities to Thiruvananthapuram . Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore will be Kalyan Silks’ global destinations in the coming years.

Kalyan Silks’ product lines are different from other players in the textile industry. So are its infrastructure facilities. Kalyan Silks has a string of looms in all major centers across the country. In-house designing centers and manufacturing units help Kalyan Silks bring the latest trends to its shelves. In addition to all this, Kalyan Silks owns India’s largest wholesale textile showroom, which powers this heritage brand to control prices and maximize quality right through the year.

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