Light Alloy Products Limited (LAP) -Manufacturer of permanent mould aluminum gravity die casting to the requirements of the automotive industry. Being part of the reputed TVS Group of companies.

LAP is equipped with competitive advantage sophisticated technology and skilled manpower to consistently deliver products which are a cut above the rest. LAP has been successful in bringing out an effective synergy in motivating and harnessing human resource, develop and nurture 

a strong vendor base, commitment to quality, cost, delivery, safety and customer satisfaction.

LAP has been able to achieve customer satisfaction by being able to provide products of high quality at globally competitive prices.

In line with the corporate commitments of the TVS Group, LAP has a firm commitment towards its stakeholders, thereby ensuring sustained growth of the organization. LAP also recognizes its vendors as partners in progress.

In tune with the corporate ethics and the specific requirements of the automotive industry LAP ensures a fair deal to its stakeholders, enabling thereby to add new clients to its ever widening cline LAP.

Emphasizing team work, trust and care among the employees, LAP always strives for higher standards of performance.

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Light Alloy Products Limited

Pulivalam Village, Vellore District, Banavaram
Vellore - 632 505
Tamil Nadu.
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