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About us 

My colleague Ms.Anitha and I, T.R.Srivatsan, founded ONLY COFFEE on September 7 2009. The shop is situated at Jayalakshmi Complex 110 GST Road, NH-45, Madhuranthagam 603306

We can be reached at : 9994441776 & 9677749949. Recently we celebrated the successful our successful second anniversary of the shop. Thanks to an overwhelming patronage of our customers.

Ms.Anitha and I were employed in ICICI Prudential at Madhuranthagam. Due to the financial downturn in 2008 ICICI prudential closed many of its rural branches including the one @ Madhuranthagam, as a result of which we both lost our jobs.

I was in a dilemma whether to go back to my native Thanjavur or do something at Madhuranthagam itself. After a month of intense pondering over, an idea was born. An aromatic idea indeed ! Why not a coffee shop on the Highway ?

We were quite confident that ONLY COFFEE's aroma would bring customers to the shop and we were prepared to wait. And then it happened. Cars started stopping by, the coffee was tasted, the word spread, and it brought customers.

The customers from all walks of life - Judges, politicians people from the tinsel world, police officers, Bankers, Businessman's, students and locals-all are our regular customers today . We open the shop at 7 in the morning and we go on till 8 in the evening. 

Jayalakshmi Complex, GST Road,

NH-45, Madhuranthagam - 603 306.

Head Office:
#1/2, GST Road,NH 45
(CUB ATM), Sillavattam Village,
Maduranthakam - 603306
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