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Pacific Valves Division

A joint venture with Pacific Valves, a subsidiary of Crane Co., Pacific Valves division of Xomox Sanmar Limited offers the full range of highly reliable Gate, Globe and Check Pressure Seal Valves.

Typical applications of these field proven valves include power stations and process industries involving the flow control of steam, water, gas, oil and other non-aggressive media.

Location : Viralimalai, Tiruchirapalli Pacific Valves Division
Factory area : 35,000 sq.ft.
Joint venture partner : Pacific Valves, a division of Crane Energy Flow Solutions



Registered Office

9, Cathedral Road,
Chennai - 600 086, Tamil Nadu, India.
Tel. : + 91 44 2812 8400
Fax. : + 91 44 2811 2627


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