Novelists in Tamil Literature

Rajam Iyer was the foremost realistic novelist in the history of Tamil literature. His most significant work was Kamalampal Carittiram which includes all the ugly and painful realities of life and does not idolize anything ort anyone. His novels depict a shabby drab reality, a far cry from the romantic humdrums of the ideal life.

His characters are life like not larger than life that depicts that behind that placid veneer of the romantic illusions that life promises there is a world, a veil of darkness promising hopelessness and pessimism. Another well known Tamil novel Patmavatiyin Carittiram, which was hailed as one of the most realistic Tamil novels was composed by the author Matavaiya (1872-1925).

The novel Kamalampal Carittiram was serialized in a magazine called Viveka Cintamani between the years 1893 and 1895. The Patmavatiyin Carittiram was written in the year 1898 by Matavaiya.

It defines its characters properly and the novel reveals the zeal of the author for social development. Several events are connected together in the work of Patmavatiyin Carittiram and the story is comprised of a chain of events as one event leads to another. 


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