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The fortress of Rangachari’s was built brick by brick since the 1940’s as he went door to door selling sarees. His motive was not to make sales and but to gain customers and earn their unwavering trust.

It is that nobility that enabled Thiru Rangachari, a simpleton from Dindigul district to establish a full-fledged textile showroom first in his hometown then in Madras.Coimbatore and Madurai and later in Bangalore.

The power of his one on one communication with the target audience right from the start of the business has ensued in a new dimension of customer relation.

With no advertisements to flaunt and no promotions to scream about the quality and diversity we have wheedled thousands of devoted customers aided by a family of the most loyal employees.

This recent venture into the E World of business is with a fortitude to take our tradition of textile commerce to a level where there would be no boundaries and inhibitions to satisfy million more hearts.


Rangachari Cloth Store is a ‘house hold name’ in the South Indian Saree market since its inception way back in 1945. The store enjoys unstinted support from South Indian women for generations through its delightful collection of traditional and modern sarees.

As with many successful businesses, even Rangachari Cloth Store too had a very humble beginning. The first store was started in a car shed during the year 1945 at Chennai. Since then Rangachari Cloth Store began to expand and evolve consistently. Today Rangachari is present in Dindigul, Coimbatore, Madurai and Bangalore, in addition to Chennai.

We continue to provide to our customers, authentic South Indian, traditional wears. Our products range from Sungudi sarees and silk to salwar materials and kuthis.

Today it houses Chinnalapattu, Sungudi, Handloom Cotton Sarees like Bengal cotton, Venkatagiri Cotton, Orissa Cotton, Uraiyur Cotton, Pochampalli Sarees, Madurai Cotton, Pune Cotton, Mangalagiri Cotton and range of Pure Silk Sarees, Silk Cotton Sarees, Chudidhar Materials, Dhoties, towels and much more. 


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Director Name
Rangachari Muralidharan - Iyengar
Rangachari Baskaran -  Iyengar
Sritharan Rangachari - Iyengar









Rangachari Cloth Store
#55, Luz Church Road
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