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The South Kanara Dravida Brahmin Association

The year was 1912 – nearly a century ago that a few veterans who emigrated from South Kanara district of then Madras Presidency to city of Madras in late 19th century to study professional courses like Medicine, Law and Engineering decided to form a small group to help the brothers and sisters of this small community who had the some desire to study and settle in this city.  South Kanara then had no Law or Engineering Colleges nor a Medical Institute. 

Being children of poor Purohits or Archakas of temples or small time landowners, they had very limited resources but were full of ambition and dreams of a bright future.  Some traveled to Bombay but many came to Madras.  Traveling by train from Calicut and later from Cannanore as the then Mangalore mail terminated at these stations, they walked or sought Bullock carts to convey them from Udipi, Mangalore or other small towns in the district to catch the train.

 Sri.K.Y. Adiga, a legal luminary and author of several legal books formally brought this Association into a legal entity by forming a ‘Memorandum of Association’ and ‘Rule of Association’.  It was registered as “ The South Kanara Dravida Brahmins Association” on 19th October 1953.

The main purpose of the Association then was and even today is to help deserving poor Students seeking higher studies by granting scholarship, (Previously Loans).  Generous souls like K. Krishna Rao,   K. Gopala Achar & K. Seetharama Rao provided roof & food in their hotels for many students. Dr. Pangal Srinivas Rao and others collected funds by going with Hundis door to door of their colleagues during Deepavali festivals.  Donation was also collected each year.

 In the year 2005, we commenced publishing our house magazine – “KARAVALI ALEGALU” -Coastal Waves featuring promising youngsters of our community with photos and write ups of our events as also interesting articles by our members.  The response has been overwhelming.  We hope to publish the future issues also in our website so that all members of our community, members and non members alike can get a glimpse of what is happening is our community. Services of Sri. P. Narayana Bhat in this regard needs a special mention.



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