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About Us

SKI Retail Capital Ltd established in the year 2001 serves as a window to the world of financial products by giving its customers stupendous exposure to the wide range of investment avenues. Besides being a strong player in financial assets advisory segment, the company is proud that Shriram group, a leading business conglomerate with Rs.90,000 crores AUM  has invested in the equities of our organization.

As a customer centric organization, the company offers its customers a hassle free and serene financial experience by carrying out the entire investment selection process in the virtual platform. SKI is proud to introduce a real time system that utilizes very advanced mathematical models for making transaction decisions in financial assets. The strict rules built into the model enables efficient decisions by determining optimal price using complex algorithms based on mean-variance selection

Optimal dynamic strategies are computed to the desired degree of precision by the dynamic programming principle to a series of single-period convex constrained optimization of brand selection.  Transactional model displays sequentially the financial asset of your choice with the goal of maximizing value. The buyer is presented a series of quotes by using minimal modeling assumption and prices are drawn within finite interval. We present asymptotically optimal deterministic and randomized algorithms for both maximization of value and minimization of price.

The motto of SKI is to provide a comprehensive investment platform and envisages delivering a world class financial service to its clients. The company believes in simplified selection process with enhanced and genuine information that mitigates cost and time. This efficiency is achieved through digitalized operation systems that help in fulfilling customer’s financial obligations with ideal financial asset resulting in customer satisfaction and patronage.


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