Sricharan - Iyengar

co-founder of Topper TV.

Topper TV, offers round-the-clock subject-specific capsules for each class (at present, only for Class 9 to 12 students). Renowned academicians explain concepts using real life examples and animations and this goes a long way in inspiring the young minds.

“Ours is a unique concept with a specific audience. Our teachers have teaching experience from some of the best institutes of the world and they are passionate about the subject they teach,” says Sricharan Iyengar, co-founder of Topper Integrated Learning System. The entire learning process is designed keeping in mind various pedagogical aspects and the grasping abilities of school students.

“With a new approach to learning, we are using TV (and also Internet) as a medium of education. It has its own advantages because abstract concepts can be easily explained and students can understand better,” he points out. “Our idea is not to replace the teacher but to supplement the teacher’s classroom lessons.

By spending half hour everyday at a specific time of the day, the student can cover almost all the lessons in the textbook. Rural-urban divide in a major problem in our country. Topper TV aims to bridge this gap, by making it possible for the rural students to have access to quality education. In order to make this initiative effective, we are working on a multiple language option and it will be launched soon. ” Mr. Iyengar says.

Physics, Chemistry, biology and Mathematics classed are offered for Class 9 and 10 students. For students of Class 11 and 12, only physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons are available at present. “The modules are based on the CBSE curriculum. We are also working on a common syllabus that will be suitable for all the Boards of education across India,” informs Mr. Iyengar.


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