VEERAMANI IYER - The Astrologer


 hold a Diploma in Astrology from Madurai Kamaraj University.The small steps I took in the field of Astrology were fully supported by the following Gurus :

  • Thiru R.VISWANATHA IYER of Adambakkam, Chennai. He was my first and main inspiration for taking up the Diploma in Astrology. Ever since, he has been the guiding force behind my every effort in the field of Astrology, especially Horoscope Matching;
  • Thiru A. LAKSHMANA MAMA of Trivandrum. Every learning starts with learning the ropes. The knowledge of the initial basic ropes in the field of Astrology and reading of horoscopes of couples was imparted by him.
  • Having acquired the Diploma and the understanding of the basics, I stepped into the world of Astrology, reading of horoscopes of couples and match-making. In this arduous effort of mine I am receiving the unstinting co-operation of Thirumathi R. ANURADHA of Krishnankoil, Nagercoil. She is also closely associated with me in my matrimonial services and helps me in my daily efforts.


NAGERKOIL - 8144737113

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