Venkatesh - Chari

the founder and CEO of ARD.



Degree in Electronics from - MS University in India 

Boston University - with a focus on speech and signal processing.


Venkatesh Chari is the founder and CEO of ARD, and a long term member of TiE Boston.

executive director at TiE Boston connected Venkatesh to a TiE Boston charter member GP who had experience in government contracting to assist him. 

He has worked for several Boston-area startups, inventing a range of electronic products that help the physically handicapped and has over 20 years of experience spanning roles in engineering, management and strategic technical marketing.


However, developing products for the handicapped remained his passion which led to him to founding ARD. ARD currently brings together the latest advances in mainstream technology and applies these to create products that provide solutions to the many challenges that handicapped people face in daily life.


Venkatesh and ARD is figuring out how to cost-effectively manufacture the products, for which he looks to TiE Boston to connect him with experts with experience in manufacturing, sourcing for manufacturing and mass production.

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